Customer Retention And Increasing The Business Value With Each Player

Games 24/7, founded by Bhavin Pandya and Trivikraman Thampy at NYU’s computer lab, faced challenges in understanding customer potential and personalizing offerings for online gaming. KENTRIX provided a solution by deploying real-time customer enrichment, offering insights into household income, regional classification, SEC, and lifestyle affinity.

This allowed Games 24/7 to personalize offerings and target individual customers effectively. Since implementing KENTRIX, the company has seen a notable increase in player deposits and engagement. The data-driven approach has enhanced customer experiences, making offerings more relevant and sticky, thus driving growth and retention for Games 24/7.

The Challenge

The company’s internal customer information was limited to understanding client net worth and preferences for online entertainment and specific games. Clearly felt was the gap between customers achieved from specific regions and their customer potential.
While looking for external market profile data for identifying the next priority markets to expand the business to, the company realized that with the KENTRIX solution for customer profiling, they could even personalize customer offerings and target individual customers with the most relevant messages catching their attention and make them more sticky (Cash deposit).

The KENTRIX Solution

KENTRIX deployed its API real-time customer enrichment solution. It plays back customer household-level income, Regio-type (cosmopolitan area, sub-metro, small urban, semi-urban, rural), SEC classification, and consumer lifestyle affinity index for deeper player consumer profile insights.
At the point of new player onboarding, Games 24/7 immediately pulls information about his/her profile as described above. Now the company segregates new customers into groups of more personalized offerings. Since deploying the customer enrichment solution, Games 24/7 has seen a significant increase in money deposit per player and activity ratio of each.

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