The Local Intelligence Consumer Data Market Dialog Platform

Geomarketeer is a granular market segmentation analysis tool designed specifically for businesses in India.
It leverages geo-location-based intelligence and micro-market-focused data and tools to facilitate sustainable business growth.
Through its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Geomarketeer enables organizations of all sizes to seamlessly access market research and data-driven insights, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive success.


Geographical Sales Analysis

Visualize sales data overlaid on maps to identify potential customer concentrations based on various consumer behavior metrics.

Store Catchment Analysis

Analyze shopper profiles within individual store catchment areas, going beyond traditional administrative boundaries like PIN codes or localities.

Consumer Density Mapping

Define customer density based on segmented consumer profiles and pinpoint high-potential local markets for targeted strategies.

Market Potential Assessment

Evaluate market potential by analyzing actual sales potential, considering both internal sales data and competitor insights.

Correlation Analysis

Conduct correlation analyses to uncover market characteristics influencing customer density, enabling the identification of priority local markets nationwide.

Customer-Product Alignment

Pinpoint precise residential buildings where specific products are in high demand, optimizing targeting strategies.

Demand Forecasting

Gain insights into product demand trends to ensure optimal stock management and inventory control.

Media Interface Integration

Seamlessly manage addresses and digital bookings through integrated media interfaces, streamlining communication and outreach efforts.


By subscribing to the platform, marketers can sit in the office and understand every nook
and corner of the country:

Visualize, analyse, and understand relationships on micro-segmented geographies by market potential and
profile of your customers in them

Private Room: Users create their own
private access login. No third party is
involved in analytics or having access
to the user‘s data space

Uploading Data: Analytics networking company's own and external market

Experience patterns and trends in Indian consumers and their geographical relation

Data queries in real-time

Generate location reports

Easy-to-use online system

Subscription to geographies you need

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Make Your Own Consumer Potential Maps, Combining Your Preferred Customer Income – Lifestyle – Expenditure Criteria.

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Visualise Different Consumer Profile Information Layers: Income, Lifestyle, Monthly Spend in Expenditure Classes such as
Housing, Financial Savings, FMCG & Food and Grocery, Apparel, Transportation, Education, Healthcare & Medical, etc.
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Micro-Market Precise Understanding Of Population Demographic Profile, Age & Gender.

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Down to individual residential society-level understanding of residing population/households by lifestyle affinity
segmentation, income, expenditures, product purchase behaviour.

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Identify for sales points within the same PIN Codes/localities their individual market/sales potential, supporting last-mile decision
which commercial vacancy to select, build model for location specific sales potential and performance benchmarking,
using utmost granular market data nowhere else available.

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Map your own customers onto the micro-market consumer potential maps, identify your market penetration and if you
are addressing the ‘right’ local markets, value of customers achieved set against market potential, from which areas you
get the highest risks.


Sales Prediction for Stores

Location analysis identifying market
potentials set against competitor

Sales Prediction Model

Analysing the expected turnover of new outlets to come across Indian cities, using micro-market consumer segmentation data for localized marketing and sales

Market Potential on City Locality level

Market Potential on City Locality level, Delivery Optimization / Franchise, Model Implementation / Cloud, Kitchen Establishment

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