LSI (Urban) 08,09,10 - URBAN TRAILERS & DEPENDANTS (Down the Road)

“Life happens in the social stratagem close to poverty ”

  • Largely illiterate; life is a daily struggle against poverty.
  • Permanent focus on pure survival; day laborers with irregular jobs.
  • Moments of hope for betterment are overshadowed by long time stretches of resignation.
  • Infrequently able to shop for food and other physical needs; to a large extent depending on support and donations.
Business / Economics No opinion on this
Politics / Future No opinion on this
Themselves Baring with their destiny
Social Issues / Culture Baring with their destiny
Work Baring with their destiny
Hobbies //
Social Events Community-, Family-related
Vacation //
Entertainment Simple neighborhood festivals, religious celebrations
Club Membership //
Community Their world
Shopping Not even in proper shops
Sports //
Mobility Public Transport
Home Maintaining functionality, trying to have all basic items
Job Struggling to maintain a job
Community Back-up in life
Recreation //
Healthcare typology //
Fashion //
Food Basic, just functional
Media Local news
Achievements Surviving

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